What is the most popular study abroad destination for Indian students?

What is the most popular study abroad destination for Indian students?

The number of Indian students studying abroad has exponentially grown year after year with the most popular countries shown in the table below (results from 2010). According to The UNESCO institute for statistics for the most recent stats from 2013, The United States is still the number one study abroad destination for Indian students. Students from Indian are traveling in higher numbers than ever before to pursue higher education abroad.

Canada and UK are also other major countries in the world and is one of the safest countries for Indian students. The US receives more Indian students than any other country in the world overtaking China in 2001, in fact India surpassed China as the international community’s leading exporter of students to America, and it seems likely to remain this way for years to come.

Destination Number of Students

1 United States 103,968
2 United Kingdom 38,205
3 Australia 20,429
4 New Zealand 6,650
5 Canada 4,617

So why do so many Indian students choose to pursue their education outside their own country? And more importantly why the U.S? Firstly with 10 times more college campuses than any other country in the world, the United States easily lends itself to the growing trend in taking in more international students into its population, and with more universities comes more choice of programs which makes it a better choice.

With the break away from British colonial rule it could be said that Indian students are looking for a change from its historical colonialist rule. Yet we still see a steady influx of students that leave to either Australia or New Zealand to study both their undergraduate or postgraduate programs. In 2013 16,150 students left India to study in Australia and 6,845 left to study in New Zealand.

Britain and the United Kingdom will however still be popular for Indian students with 22,155 students leaving to study there. With the growing number of students who are interested in specializing in disciplines like engineering and STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) it makes sense that students from India would look abroad to get the experience and expertise to excel in these fields.

However even though students from India leave to study, the great thing is that they are returning to their home country to bring their experience to their countries infrastructure, economy and gross domestic product helping India develop.

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