What are the main factors for students when choosing a university?

What are the main factors for students when choosing a university?

What affects students in the decision of where to study?

Some surveys have been done on this topic and it shows that students appear to choose the schools based on a few main criteria’s. Language, quality of teachers and the facilities. Tuition fees are also an important factor when choosing a school.

The fact that mobility has risen fast among students worldwide in recent years is something affecting the universities. There are variations in this trend depending on the world region. In India, for example, counselors believe that more than half of their students will go abroad and study. This also reflect the level of globalization in the labor market and the redistribution of employment worldwide as a result of growing emerging economies.

The top destination to go and study is the U.S followed by U.K Canada, Spain, and Germany. The most popular degrees to study is BBA, Bachelor in Business Management, the second top degree to study is engineering and liberal arts. In Spain the most popular choice is Business Administration while the top in Middle East and Africa is engineering.

The first main reason, language, is of course affecting a lot of universities because of the fast growing globalization. To be inclusive the universities need to adapt the language to their students these days. The languages most in demand are English, Spanish and French, followed by German.

It is also shown that students choose universities mainly to gain training and skills for a future job, and choose a specialization because they feel there is a job market growth in that field. Another important issue is if the university offers scholarships or not, scholarships are a big influence in the recruitment of students.

In the image below you can see students top reasons for making the final decision of where to study:

chosing a uni

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