What important role will webinars play in 2016 in International Student Recruitment?

What important role will webinars play in 2016 in International Student Recruitment?

Due to the fast paced changes in online consumer behavior and the adaptation of new technologies, in 2015 a large list of universities and business schools such as the Trinity College Dublin, Karolinska Institutet, University of Oulu, the University of Birmingham, and Uppsala University, embraced webinars as one of their marketing methods to recruit international students for their different online and offline undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

As global experts in promoting and hosting student-focussed webinars through our dedicated site, TheStudyAbroadPortal.com , we strongly believe that in 2016 webinars will play an increasingly important role. Not only for universities from all around the world who wish to recruit more international students but also for all the professionals involved in the industry of higher education in general.

Admission officers are constantly looking for new recruitment alternatives that can offer them a better ROI and it is forecasted that the number of schools making use of webinars to recruit students will increase considerably. As a recruitment tool, Student Recruitment Webinars are moving towards the end of the early adopter phase, and is now an option any modern student recruiter must seriously consider. Since University recruiters usually monitor the trends and behaviors of other universities, often copying them, Student Recruitment Webinars are gaining more and more traction.

Webinars have been proven to be the most successful solution to establishing a meaningful online connection between universities and their potential students due to the interactive nature of the webinar. In 2016 webinars will continue supplying “the personal touch” that is missing in other online student recruitment methods. Webinars offer an outstanding virtual experience that allows prospective students the opportunity to engage on a higher level with the university, listening to live online presentations typically delivered by a program director, an admissions officer and an alumni. Webinars offer a win win situation for both prospective students and the Universities.

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What important role will webinars play in 2016 in International Student Recruitment..

One big difference between today’s student recruiters and the students they are trying to recruit is that most students today are IT-natives and most of the recruiters are not. The students are born into a world that already had fast internet, mobile phones, online gaming etc. Today’s students spend more time being online then talking to their parents or watching TV. The question any recruiter should ask themselves is; if my prospective students spend so much time online then where can I find them? Drumroll……the answer is Online! As a student looking for a new study opportunity Student Recruitment Webinars offer many advantages. Compared to a student fair that requires traveling, a webinar can be viewed from the comfort of the students own home or from a smartphone. The student can see and hear the presenters and is encouraged to ask questions. If the student misses the live webinar then fear not, there is always the recording. Students simply love the accessibility, interactivity and ease of use that a webinar offers.

We predict that universities that didn’t use webinars in 2015 will start seriously considering webinars now as a part of their marketing mix. They simply don’t have a choice if they want to compete against other schools that have already embraced this tool. Webinars are a cheaper option compared to most of the traditional study fairs or expensive banners which mostly have proven to be ineffective.

We foresee that webinars, moving forward, will be used to recruit new students, convert applicants into actual paying students, divert rejected applicants over to other more suitable study programs and to help the Universities find more agents around the world. Word around the campfire is that webinars are here to stay.

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