Using webinars as a tool to recruit students for online courses

Using webinars as a tool to recruit students for online courses

We already know that obtaining the first position in Google is not an easy task, but it is even less easier to make students go one step further: to request more information about your online courses.

The education business works similar to markets, it has offers and it has demands. Only the best offer takes the prize: the student. The large number of offers of online courses and a less number of demands have caused a hard competition between universities and business school.

Why your university and not theirs? Why your online course and not theirs?

In an effort to win the prize in the battlefield, universities and business school have used countless strategies to reach the main goal; some strategies have delivered excellent results, others haven’t been that effective.

It’s true that there is not a key strategy to succeed, but if the strategy focus on the students, on giving them what they want, on giving them what they need; you can surely expect good results.

Have you ever thought about how powerful are webinars in terms of recruiting students for online courses?

Yes? No? If you take into consideration the two following facts…

  • Students search for information “online”.
  • The course that you’re offering is “online”

What better tool than webinars to recruit students?

If a student decides to request more information in your website, definitely this student is interested; but, the question here is, what to do with this “possible lead”? what’s the next right move to do? A webinar might be the best option for you and for your potential students besides sending the traditional digital brochure.

Did you know that…

  • A webinar gives you the power of convincing students to enroll in your online course and not in another…
  • A webinar gives you the opportunity of learning more about your potential students…
  • A webinar gives you the chance of sharing all the information from the online course to a global audience at the same time & same place “online”…
  • A webinar gives you the opportunity of generating interactiveness and interest between the students who have joined your online event…
  • A webinar can help you to turn this “possible lead” into a new student for your next intake…

If you’ve never considered before to include webinars into your student recruitment strategy, this is the right moment to start considering webinars as one of your tools to deliver excellent results as a student recruiter to your university or business school.

Best of the luck in the next intake! 

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