The NAFSA 2016 Annual Conference & Expo: Building Capacity for Global Learning

The NAFSA 2016 Annual Conference & Expo: Building Capacity for Global Learning

About the conference

The NAFSA 2016 Annual Conference & Expo promises to be one of the largest global events ever within international education. It is expected that more than 9,000 international educators from over 100 countries attend in Denver, Colorado, to this recognised event that will provide participants with opportunities to develop meaningful partnerships for their respective organizations.

This conference will provide a wide range of educational offerings for professionals in the education industry at all levels of experience and in every specialty. By assisting to this conference, it is expected that all the participants develop their knowledge, skills, and ideas needed to better serve their organizations or institutions. Also they will learn how to move forward in their professional development, and how to engage effectively with colleagues from around the globe.

The NAFSA 2016 Annual Conference & Expo will count with the presence of speakers that will share their unique insights and viewpoints on the challenges and opportunities facing everyone in the ever-changing global landscape.

NAFSA 2016 Annual conference and expo

The Workshops

The attendees will have the opportunity of participating in a variety of workshops with interesting topics such as: “Strategies for Managing Remote Education Abroad Staff”, “Engaging International Alumni: A Pathway to Your Institution’s Global Capacity”, and “China, India, and Vietnam: Comparing Opportunities for Undergraduate Student Recruitment”.

Undoubtedly, the NAFSA 2016 Annual Conference & Expo will be the highlight of the year! Don’t miss it! 

If you’re planning on attending the NAFSA 2016 Annual Conference & Expo, and you’re interested in an informal chat with us about how student recruitment webinars might be able to help your University or Business School, contact us! we’re looking forward to meet you there and have a chat!

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