The 27th Annual EAIE Conference is heading to Glasgow!

The 27th Annual EAIE Conference is heading to Glasgow!

On mid September Europe’s largest international higher education conference is heading to Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. Next to an innovative and cutting edge conference programme, attendees can expect more than a ‘wee dash’ of the famous Glaswegian culture, hospitality, and even some EAIE tartan thrown into the mix!

If you thought that the 26th Annual EAIE Conference in Prague was a huge event, you definitely can’t wait to attend the 27th Annual EAIE Conference in Glasgow, where more than 5000 higher education professionals from over 90 countries will have the opportunity of joining during 4 days different workshops on topics such as how to build internal support for internationalisation, and how blended and mobile learning can facilitate global learning. Also attendees will have the privilege of participating in sessions, poster sessions, dialogues, campus tours and networking events for their personal and professional enrichment.

Conference theme

The theme of the conference is ‘A wealth of nations’. As we tentatively head into a more fruitful economic era, we need to acknowledge and combine our collective strengths in Europe to remain competitive and successful in the global marketplace. Economists among you will recognise the term ‘Wealth of nations’ from the fundamental classical economics work by key Scottish Enlightenment leader, Adam Smith. Educated at Glasgow University, Smith’s thinking influenced economists as well as governments and organisations during the Age of Enlightenment – promoting intellectual interchange, using reason to reform society to ultimately pave the way for the modernisation of the Atlantic World.

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Conference programme

The conference programme includes topics such as mobility partnership & networks, admissions & accreditation, leadership & strategy, learning, teaching & curriculum, student experience, marketing & recruitment, European-funded programmes, among others.

Conference exhibitions 

Over 200 exhibitors will be showcasing their products and services during EAIE Galsgow 2015. Some of the exhibitors are: Times Higher Education, IELTS, NAFSA, The PIE, QS, StudyPortals, plus a large number of recognized educational institutions.

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