Reasons to create an App for your University

Reasons to create an App for your University

Creating an app can offer your university a number of benefits that can certainly contribute to take your communication strategy to the next level. Apps offer institutions “personalization”, which means that they can offer a tailored communication to students based on their interests, location, usage behavior, and more.

By creating an app, universities can keep their students informed by implementing the following features:

  • Campus news: share campus news, event schedules, and class.
  • Campus tour: show your new students the beautiful environment they will be learning in with photo galleries and video tours.
  • Push notifications: instantly inform your student body of schedule changes, class news, and safety notifications.
  • Campus Guide: make sure your students always know where they’re going with an in-app campus guide and easy navigation.

Reasons to create an App for your University

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Another great reason for creating an app is that it allows universities to get to know their students’s needs in a smarter way. For example:

  • Check Attendance: certain functionalities from an app can help your faculty take attendance without wasting class time.
  • Reach your Students: Filter students by their name or the classes they take to send targeted notifications to those who need to see them.
  • Foster a Safe Space: Give students a direct line to motorist assistance, campus authorities, and local emergency services for a safer campus.
  • Life after School: Empower students with career recommendations, employment resources and tools to aid transition into the job market. Synchronize them with a vibrant alumni network.

If you are interested in building an app for your institution or get more information, feel free to contact Mobile Roadie, the company that has created an app for Harvard University.

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