Online Branding Tips for International Universities

Online Branding Tips for International Universities

In today’s world a properly constructed brand is essential for any university competing in the modern global education market. Branding is incredibly important for justifying price, attracting and retaining talent, and ultimately, resisting rivals. College brands have taken decades, or even centuries, to develop – no wonder why many of the most prestigious universities in the world can trace their origins to the eighteenth century. But a college or university that wants to build its brand today can’t afford to take the organic approach that worked for these universities.

Your online image really matters

It´s a fact that offering a quality education is the most important branding strategy that any University can practice. But it´s also true that even if you claim to be the best university in a certain field or country, having a bad website design or bad image materials can cause that an international student chooses another school with a better online image. As you know, competition out there is really strong. If you believe that your university branding needs a change, don´t hesitate to hire a marketing agency to create an image and a message according to your brand. Develop all image materials (web, images, videos, digital brochures, mailing template, newsletter template, etc.) to concile the brand and your message. Another good advice is to update your website information so that search engines can find you and potential students can read clear and consistent articles. Add informational website content a minimum of four times per month and regularly write and post press releases to your website.

Communication and interaction are essential

Give life to the University brand! As a brand it is important to communicate and interact through different channels. It is really important to keep consistency between what you say, what you do and what you are posting on your social media channels. Social media is an important part of your online branding strategy that improves your chances of generating additional value and represents a good opportunity of building an image according to your brand characteristics. Recently many schools are using student recruitment webinars to boost their university brand and to create brand awareness for international students. These webinars have been helping universities to build an identity

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  1. It is not just the brand strategy of the Institution that matters, but also the brand orientation of its members, be they faculty, administrators or students. In order to get a more accurate picture of the current situation, I have started an online survey on this issue:
    People associated to a higher education Institution in some way are welcome to participate and respond to my questions.

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