The Importance of following up with students after a student recruitment webinar

The Importance of following up with students after a student recruitment webinar

If you are a university or educational institution then you have no doubt either come across webinars as a means to recruit students globally or maybe you have even used them as a way to enlist students on the courses at your university. The success of these live interactive events has proven to be a valuable tool in any recruiters arsenal as it gives the opportunity to reach all sectors of the global markets and countries through the world wide web.

Once the webinar has been conducted and the target number of students has been met, how important is it really to follow up with the attendees after the online event?

For starters it is vitally important that as a intermediary marketing group we offer the university the opportunity to give their feedback on the quality of the webinar and if they felt like they got all the information they needed regarding the live event. This provides the necessary information needed to always be improving a service and tailoring what we can offer to the final clients at the end of the recruitment process funnel.

…But what about the universities?

How important is it to them to keep tabs on the online attendees who watched the webinar; and those who, could in theory be potential future students at their university. Given the amount of competition these days it is of the utmost importance that the university or educational institution treat the follow up as the beginning of the student/recruiter relationship regardless of whether they enroll on the course or not.

So what are the best ways to follow up after the webinar has been conducted?

Well to start with there is the tried and tested way of speaking to ex-attendees over the phone to follow up and this gives the opportunity to get the results directly. You are also creating a way more personal one on one relationship with the person you are speaking to on the phone paving the way to creating a relationship with the potential student.

Then there is the next best thing which is a simple email, which can be a great way to touch base with the students after to ask them about the webinar and if the course is something that would be of interest to them. If it is then email can be a great way to send the next step in the registration process. The university can get a good idea of the quality of the webinar by how many people sign up for the course and then with the emails afterwards by seeing how many people sign up subsequently.

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There can also be other creative ways of following up after including asking the students what they thought of the webinar directly after whilst they are still online. This allows the results to be given while the information is still fresh and prompt them to take the next step in the process. You can also speak to any no-shows that didn’t attend to get an idea why they couldn’t be online and also send out and recordings and post-webinar information that was promised.

No matter what method you use to follow up with for after the webinar, it is a very important step in the recruitment process that gives you as a company or educational institution the positive or negative feedback you need to improve on your services. In the case of university recruitments it is crucial to keep good communication lines open to make sure you utilize the connection to end up getting the student to enroll on said course at your university.

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