How to organise a conversion webinar properly! – Infographic

How to organise a conversion webinar properly! – Infographic

Organising a conversion webinar by yourself seems pretty easy, but the truth is that it´s not that simple. To start organising a conversion webinar you need to take into consideration certain facts and actions to do it properly. For the successful planning and organisation of a conversion webinar, we recommend you to follow these three main steps listed below:

1. Invite all your applicants

Prepare an online invitation for everyone who´ve applied for the programme. Make it clear and attractive, and don´t forget to include the most important information in it: what, when, who, where and why. Lastly, make the registration button catchy! using red is always a good idea.

2. Provide practical information during the webinar

It´s a must to prepare a great presentation. Don´t be lazy, students notice when you do things with passion and when you dedicate time. Be creative! do more than a simple copy and paste presentation. Provide students information related to what is going to happen after the application process, give detailed information about the programme and the student life at the University, and other type of information that you consider relevant.

3. Convert them into actual students

Since this conversion webinar will be the last step to take before the applicants convert into actual students, try to solve all the doubts that these potential students might have during the webinar. After the end of the webinar, don´t forget to do a proper follow up to the students and to communicate regularly the admissions deadlines.

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