How to follow up students after a student recruitment webinar

How to follow up students after a student recruitment webinar

The webinar has finished, but then what? Following up with the students after your webinar is important for you in order to get the most out of your student recruitment webinar. A fast follow-up helps you motivate the students to take a next step “applying” while the webinar is still fresh in their minds. One of the biggest mistakes that Universities can do is not following up with the students after a webinar. Following up is an essential ingredient in the recruitment process and not taking this step into consideration will affect the numbers of applications post-webinar.

Read the following steps to learn what to do after you have completed your student recruitment webinar.

  1. Send an email with a link to the  recorded webinar

At Web2Present, S.L. we propose 2 options to our customers: a) we can send the recording to the students or B) you as the customer can to send the recording to the . In the case that you as an University/Business School decide to send out the webinar recording to the students then we recommend you to send the email out within 24 hours. It is a good for students to have a recorded version of the in case they missed some information or perhaps didn’t have a chance to attend the live webinar.

Make sure to include a thank you message in the email, make them feel important and almost like they are a part of your university. Don´t forget to specify the contact details from your school, the email address of the person that students should contact in case they want to request more information and a link to some additional information about the program

  1. Pass leads to your sales/admissions team

Pass on the leads to your admissions team and have them follow up right away. You never really know the potential of a lead unless you take the proper steps to follow up after a student recruitment webinar. Don´t forget that you should treat every lead as if it could bring an application to your University. The student joined your webinar for a reason. Some students might prefer to be in contact with you via email while others would prefer a warm phone call from you. Your admissions team should know how to find a balance between mailing and calling.

Sending a follow-up email every day might be a bit annoying for the students and it might make you look a bit desperate for applications. The general rule of thumb is to wait one a week before following up the initial email/call. Any sooner, and it might come off as pushy; let too much time pass, and you risk that the students might lose interest.

If you’re not connecting with a student, try changing it up. In other words, don’t send the exact same email at the same time of day on the same day of week. Don´t forget when sending an email to be creative and to always let them know the benefits of choosing your University. Getting people to respond can sometimes just come down to catching them at the right time. If you always try to follow up in the morning with no luck, then maybe try later in the day instead. Lastly, don´t forget (!) that this process requires several touches from your side with the students.

  1. Convert leads into qualified students 

The next step is to convert these leads into qualified students for the next intake. After the admissions team has detected the most likely leads to convert into students, make sure to send them all the information about how to apply. Don´t forget to guide them through the visa process, they will appreciate it a lot!


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