How admissions officers are using Facebook to recruit prospective students

How admissions officers are using Facebook to recruit prospective students

Did you know that today around 76% of admissions officers are using Facebook to learn more about their prospective students? If you are included in these 76%, you know what this blog post is about.

As we all know, Facebook is an online social networking service, its mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected; and admissions officers are not the exception when we’re talking about  taking advantages of what Facebook has to offer.

Why admissions officers are using Facebook to learn more about their prospective students? 

This is a question with a very simple answer. Undergraduates and young professionals are still one of the biggest demographics on Facebook every day, and it’s very easy to reach them. Facebook offers tools and tactics to find the best and the brightest prospective students on Facebook as well. Admissions officers and student recruiters are using Facebook to determinate if a prospective student is the right one to fill one of the available limited spots of the course.  

Facebook student profile

By using Facebook as a tool, admissions officers can know what their prospective students like, where they come from, what they do on the weekends; obtain information about their previous education and extracurricular activities.

This might sound a bit superficial, but even human resources managers use Facebook to take a look to the profile picture of the prospective job candidate, and just by looking the pictures, they immediately create a perception of how this candidate is.  

It’s true that using Facebook is a sneaky way to find out more about the prospective students, but despite this admissions officers need to use all the tools that modern times offer to them, in order to select the right candidates with right profile that fits with the course.

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