Creative Ways to Recruit Students in 2016

Creative Ways to Recruit Students in 2016

If you are an educational institution looking to grow your recruiting process online or offline there are a number of ways to cast your net wide to ensure you maximize optimum results and get the result that your institution is looking for. There are so many creative ways to successfully recruit students in 2016. Many online marketers today utilize and make use of the amazing ways social media and the world wide web can bring you the results and numbers of applications that you are looking for.

1. E-books and Blogging

When using the world wide web, universities can market and put a lot of content online to help in the recruitment process. E-books are a great way for potential students to download information about a specific field of study and use the material to make a decision on whether they want to study a particular course at university. This can be used alongside content creation and blogging, this way universities can market and reach more of an audience online by marketing. With the use of SEO and content creation through blogging there can be a successful recruitment of students who will see something through social media and sign up.


2. Webinars

We can look to the standard way of recruiting students through the tried and tested usual yet effective strategy by using educational fairs. This gives recruiters the chance to meet their potential future students face to face and interact with students in a personal way. Innovative Student Recruiters instead of just relying on fairs, they are betting on webinars as a creative way to recruit in 2016. Webinar’s today are functioning as an interactive online recruitment fair that gives students the chance to see if the university is for them and ask any questions that the students may have. During the webinar universities get to present their material and reach people from other parts of the world; something that they don´t get to do at a normal fair.


3. Online Master Classes 

A creative way in which admissions counselors and student recruiters can utilize webinars in 2016 is by combining them with an online master class conducted by a university professor in a module or elective that is on the syllabus of the Master´s degree or undergraduate degree that the student is interested in. This gives potential future students the experience of what is would be like to study their chosen course. It is an innovative way to capture the attention of their target audience and show the skill of the professor. If they loved the class, why wouldn’t they like to enroll in your programme? Keep in mind that creating positive experiences with the students could bring excellent results in terms of branding and enrollments.

4. Video Testimonials 

This goes hand in hand with the video content that a university can provide as part of the online recruitment process. Many video testimonials exist as a means to give an idea what it is like to be at the university and see current students at the university and ceremonies or awards. B2B video content can be used to deliver current marketing trends in 2016, in fact the play button can be the most compelling action on the web and university recruiters can really use this medium to show the best aspects of their courses and campuses.
Whatever methods recruiters decide to use in 2016 they can definitely see and make use of the various online trends which marketers can use to reach as many people as possible with their content, whether it be through the written word, content, video or using interactive webinars. With advances in content marketing, online marketing tools and social media, universities can rely successfully on tools to keep recruiting through many different avenues in 2016 and beyond.
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