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´Trinity College in Dublin reaches out to Web2present to recruit for their MBA program´


The Trinity MBA was one of the first MBA programmes in Europe, and is situated taking place within at one of the oldest universities in the world. The Trinity MBA programme is the number 1 ranked Irish MBA and in the top 20 in Europe. Trinity has a deep tradition of personalised, tutorial style learning. The programme is distinguished by its strong international character and small class sizes. In this global world, managers must be more culturally aware. Trinity MBA fosters cultural diversity and promotes learning across regional boundaries. The interna-tional character of their classes is evident, with 20 different nationalities in the current 2012 class alone. As with many Universities, Trinity normally recruits students through Fairs and agents, however they were keen to try a new approach to especially improve the recruitment of quality recruiting quality students. Since most students these days start their search online, and not everybody can make it to Dublin to meet the staff, an ´an ´Online Open Day´ seemed like a good alternative to reach students overseas and allow them to get their last doubts taken care of. It was decided to have Web2Present get at least 50 qualified webinar registra-tions of potential students.

Approach and Results:

In order to ensure we could meet the expectations and requirements of Trinity College, we first scheduled in a ´Discovery meeting´, explains Clementina Palacios, a member of the Marketing staff and expert on SEO and Social Media. In the Discovery meeting we agreed to target mainly Europe (incl. Turkey) and some specific countries in Asia and Africa. Since this prestigious MBA isn´t for everyone, we had to reach the right professionals, moreover due to who fulfilled the requirement of 3 yrs. relevant working experience. This meant a customized approach was needed. Various initiatives and media,marketing channels were used including besides Facebook also, LinkedIn, study portals and specific local country specific social media was used. The result: we overperformedover performed by 35%, delivering total of 78 direct registrations´. Besides the live webinar attendees,, also the recording also proved very useful. Since it remained available through the Web2Present Portal for any prospective student to watch, the recording still increased registrations by almost 20% still after the live webinar had taken place. So besides the direct conversions, this the webinar recording will keep on bringing benefits new registrations for months, after which is especially useful for this MBA as it has rolling admissions.

Trinity College Dublin´s testimonial: 

´As a pilot we are quite satisfied with the results. For sure we got some applications from this, and this can still increase due to the recording, but with even only 1 new student this makes sense for us. Therefore we will look at doing more webinars to recruit for our MBA programme in the coming academic year.´

– Aoife Fitzpatrick, MBA Admissions Officer

 Case summary:

  • Customer name: Trinity College Dublin
  • Type of Course: MBA
  • Headquarters: Dublin Ireland


  • Increase enrollments
  • Increase geographic spread


  • 78 direct registrations
  • 35% more candidates from the recording
  • Increased enquiries and direct applications

Click here to view the recorded webinar

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