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´CIFFOP uses Web2Present’s student recruitment webinars to inform and recruit new Master students´


CIFFOP (part of Sorbonne University, Paris) is very well known in France and is regularly ranked as the best place to get a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management in France. CIFFOP has been existing for 40 years and during that time its reputation has steadily improved. It started with a Master’s degree in French, then came the International Human Resource (IHRM) Master´s Degree in 2007 (entirely held in English) and the Executive Master´s degree, which started in 2009.Over the years, CIFFOP has built very strong ties with CAC 40 companies (L’Oréal, Paris AREVA, Danone, EADS, Schlumberger, LVMH..) and today, the alumni mostly work in these prestige companies in France and abroad. As Yasmina Jaidi, the Academic co-director of the IHRM Master´s degree, explains ´Word of mouth and the strength of our network has further developed our success and when our alumni meet a person who wants to work in the HR field, they recommend CIFFOP´. However, as CIFFOP targets mainly international students wishing to gain a French Master’s degree in the HR field, it has always been challenging to approach and reach them. For that reason, CIFFOP´s Academic Director resorted Web2Present, in order to overcome the limitations of reach, time and budget through Web2Present´s online webinar service.

Approach and Results:

Web2Present not only invited, produced and moderated the student recruitment webinar in which CIFFOP did a 30 min. presentation and a 1 hour Q&A session. They also recruited the potential new students through its various online marketing channels. It started off with a discovery meeting (also done online, between Paris and Barcelona) in order to agree on the student profiles, messaging and ´logistics´. Once all the details had been agreed upon, Web2Present set up the Webinar and customized the look and feel according to CIFFOP´s branding.

The Marketing team then started promoting the webinar to thousands of potential students. Irina Costea, Community Manager atWeb2Present explains: “We basically got under the skin of a student and thought; where do they look for information and where do young people discuss these types of HR programs? Those were the groups/ social networks that we joined and by understanding what they were looking for, the Web2Present Marketing team was able to drive a substantial amount of potential students to sign up for the webinar”. The end-result: 100 registrations, of which 50 attended live. The ones that could not attend live had the possibility to watch the recorded webinar afterwards. In the end: 40% of the live attendees actually signed up for CIFFOP´s Master in HR (20 students)!

C´est pas fini!

After having gathered the survey results, where many students thanked us for the interactive session because it helped answering a lot of their questions and allowed for ways of communication that up until now were not possible, CIFFOP was convinced. Both students and Program Directors enjoyed the easy, interactive session which enabled new academic students, normally out of reach, to sign up. Therefore, besides this creative way of recruiting new students, other online sessions have already been done to share information with current students, guiding them through their internships as well as conducting online interviews with new students.“We already agreed to continue these online sessions as they make sense for recruiting new students and with Web2Present´s dedicated support we really feel we have a new communication channel which we can rely on. We feel closer to the students, save on traveling and time, and it puts CIFFOP on the ´digital map´, which is where today´s students are” adds Yasmina Jaidi. “One of our aims is building better relationships with our students, and Web2Present has helped us achieve that goal”.

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