A comparison between the before and after of student recruitment methods

A comparison between the before and after of student recruitment methods

How has the world of recruiting students changed over the past few years?

Well thanks to the World Wide Web and the use of technology to help in reaching all corners of the globe, what we can now rely on more innovative and modern methods to get the results that our targets ask of us.

When we look at what recruiting was like before we can really get an idea of how far we have come in the student recruitment process. What once was a personal face to face endeavor has now been replaced with online mediums to target markets and audiences worldwide. Just think back to the university recruitment fairs and you can see that the physical process of setting up your stand and preparing the marketing material to recruit your potential students has rapidly changed into something a lot less personal yet, nonetheless much more effective.

Even though the fairs helped in dispensing the correct information and the handing out of brochures, what has replaced this has had far more lucrative results. The university fair is still a great way to promote a universities services locally and it is an important step that can lead on to a successful open day at the university where the potential student gets the opportunity to wander around the university campus and see what the halls of residence are like and see what it would be like to live in the city or town where the university is located.

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Compare this now to some more modern ways of recruiting then this is now nearly all done virtually with new methods being used to employ the old roles of fairs and open days. What is great is that now the way in which university webinars are conducted, which allows for greater autonomy on the part of the university giving them the opportunity to cover more ground during the live session that they wouldn´t be able to do otherwise. Furthermore the number of online attendees from all around the world gives the opportunity to cover topics from the live questions and answers section and in some cases offer masterclasses and electives from the actual course. Potential students get to see what the teaching methods are actually like and how the lecturer conducts the lesson.

The great thing about recruiting virtually is the amount of other online tools recruiters have at their disposal to generate more leads and awareness regarding the university. Everything from blog posts to social media to SEO can be effective in directing more traffic to a website or generating clicks and views. If we take a look at the use of a masterclass for example, a simple blog post about the class using keywords and tags, could once it has been uploaded to various social media accounts could result in visibility the world over.

The ever-changing and evolving world of online recruitment has evolved rapidly in the last few years giving more innovative ways to market and recruit for students all over the world. It is great that people say for example in other developing countries are getting the opportunity to see and participate in webinars and masterclasses that they wouldn´t normally have the opportunity to do. Lets carry on with helping in developing and recruiting the online process to get the best results.

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