4 Smart and Creative Ways in International Student Recruitment to Generate Leads Online

4 Smart and Creative Ways in International Student Recruitment to Generate Leads Online

Potential students like customers no longer want their attention bought, they want it earned. Whether you are an admissions officer or a marketer in the higher education sector you must always keep in mind when planning the different steps of the student recruitment marketing process that as a university you must give before asking something in return from them, for example “their data”.

Since online lead generation is an important and crucial part of the student recruitment process, we’ve decided to share with all of you 4 Smart and Creative Ways in International Student Recruitment to Generate Leads Online.

Offline conferences

Take advantage of hosting offline conferences about a topic of interest of your target students and find a recognized speaker on the field that can help you to add a value to the conference. if the speaker is an alumni, even better! Use your online channels and find others than can help you to give a boost to the promotions of the conference. Make sure to build a proper landing page where you can gather all the valuable data from the potential students. On the day of the conference, give to each attendee a folder with information about your university and program(s), after all, it is informative and people like to entertain themselves reading something before the beginning of any conference.

Lastly, don’t forget to think about smart and creative strategies to follow up with these leads generated through the conference. There’s nothing more sad in marketing than obtaining a lead and not doing anything with it.


Webinars like offline conferences, are also a great way to generate leads but with the possibility of reaching an international audience. Everyone loves webinars and they also offer a great virality. Take the initiative of hosting a webinar where attendees can learn valuable information of a trendy topic.

Build a stunning landing page and include the sharing buttons. Don’t forget to plan a social media campaign to give a proper boost to the webinar and also consider to think about how to follow up with the audience after the webinar. Make sure that the following up actions will have a positive impact on the branding of your university and in the generation of interest for one of your educational programmes.

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Potential students may also be excited to fill out a form in exchange for a video course or online master class. It’s up to you whether to produce, shoot, and edit the video in-house or hire a professional, and whether to hold the course live or post a recording. Make sure this course is about a trending topic or about something that might be of the interest of your target group.

Email Subscriptions

Is your university implementing a blogging strategy? Blogging not only drives more traffic to your website, it also can become a major source for lead generation. To convert blog readers into leads, turn them into subscribers by simply asking for their email address in exchange for sending them new blog posts. Make it easy for them to subscribe by including a one-step form on your blog. Lastly, don’t forget to provide every month interesting content so they don’t unsubscribe from your list and they continue hearing from your university frequently.

We hope that you’ve found handy these 4 Smart and Creative Ways in International Student Recruitment to Generate Leads Online. Don’t forget that lead generation is only one step of the process, what you do with the leads and how you treat them will define their interest in your university or in the decision of enrolling in one of your programmes. If you have any question or feedback on this topic, feel free to post a comment below. We want to hear your thoughts!

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