4 Mistakes to Avoid When Organising a Student Recruitment Webinar

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Organising a Student Recruitment Webinar

As a student recruiter there are 4 mistakes that you should try to avoid when organising a Student Recruitment Webinar in order to obtain the expected results. Find these 4 mistakes listed below:

1. An unclear registration page:

If the student can´t easily understand what the programme and the webinar are about, all your efforts will be pointless. Try to explain clearly and in a few words the course, the advantages of studying in your school and why they should join the webinar. Ten paragraphs won´t make them register, it will just scare the students. Don’t forget the famous saying: ”If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough and they will understand it even less”.

2. Not knowing your audience:

The starting point for all webinar organisers is becoming aware of their intended audience and approaching them on an appropriate level. Sometimes it takes more than just knowing the age and the professional background of the potential students. Learn what´s important for them and try to use it in your communications.

3. A bad presentation:

The presentation during the webinar is the most important moment of the process. If you can make your potential students feel interested in the school and programme, you can consider it a success. Avoid using a copy-paste presentation, students notice it. Choose the speakers wisely. It gives a bad impression of the school when a speaker doesn’t have enough knowledge about the programme that he is talking about.

4. Not Following up with the students:

One of the biggest mistakes that Universities can make is not following up with the students after a webinar. Following up is an essential ingredient in the recruitment process and not taking this step into consideration will affect the number of applications post-webinar.


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